Monday, March 9, 2009

Dhruv's brickbats

It was one of those days i would like to forget (Apart from the days I took pun intended) i thought i did a terrible mistake(No 1) by taking a bus to my home....While i was trying to recover my brain after a long day's work at the office through a nice pint of music with my iPOD ear buds on, first monster came in the form of Dr Karunanidhi..

Why would this man rather not meet his wellwishers in private in his house than disrupt public?? Mr Karunanidhi had come to his party headquarters after a month long vacation at the Apollo. And the whole gang of sychophant(not all) welwishers ganged in front of Anna arivalayam.... He costed 20-25 minutes of public time.. Though not a bigger duration.. its enough to make the people feel the pain in the knee...

It was as if the previous delay was not enough... Another monster in the name of Dr Ramadoss took to the streets close to my neighbourhood and its repurcussions were heard and seen much beyond 15 km radius of his meeting... There was a huge pile up of traffic for over several km... The pile up resembled this very woodcutter chopping of trees near Thindivanam and crippling public services.... Thanks to this man.. a distance of 2 km to be covered in 5-10 mins took full 2 hours... This was more than enough to make the people feel the pain in the ***. How about a nice punch like above for them ??? :-)

Thankfully i took an intelligent decision of walking to the nearest railway station even if it was a bit long... One of my cousin was also an unfortunate victim of this public crippling exercise... and reached his home 1 am next day...


  1. Yeeks...sounds like a real bad day. It really gets ur goat when pompous politicians take up all the room creating a nuisance.
    They are a nuisance where ever they go.

  2. Thanks Vyazz for coming...
    Yea it was really a bad day indeed!!!