Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Fat Lady finally sings in South

The Lotus Juggernaut has rolled on. This time in the south . With landslide victories in Gujarat and Himachal… Its time South contributed to the BJP’s tally. Three cheers to BJP. Even though it is not a landslide victory, BJP has emerged as the single largest party. It’s a good news in the sense that there will not be any need of coalition to run the state. Certainly no need of Deve Gowda who has held hostage the previous Coalition governments. BJP which is often associated with playing the Hindutva card, have clearly demonstrated their willingness to deliver on issues of overall development and social welfare of the state.

While basking in the glory of Karnataka election results, BJP has to keep in mind that they have to do similar preparations for Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh elections which are due in the later half of the year. They need to carry the momentum. All the three states have incumbent governments which have loads of issues against them not to forget the current Gujjar tribe issue in Rajasthan.


  1. Yeah, gud victory rather a landmark victory for the BJP.

    Coming to the other elections, come what may i want this Raje government to go in Rajasthan, Seems to me like she has the time only to watch cricket matches.

  2. Even i am very happy that BJP won here!!
    Hopes are high regarding nominating a leader for bangalore...
    Yediyurappa has promised to improve the traffic congestion and garbage disposal.Paakalam how our state improves nu..