Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pink turns Scarlet

Lights... Action....Boom..Wham..Bang!!!! There is blood everywhere...
And yet another time they(terrorist) have striked,this time in Jaipur painting the Walls of Pink city in Red. The city changes . The modus operandi changes. The motive remains the same. And its the umpteenth time we have heard our honurable Home Minister Shivraj Patil saying "We will have Zero tolerance against terrorism.The designs of terrorists will be thwarted boldly and their attempts will be foiled" But the people of this country have not till now seen any concrete combative action against the nefarious designs of terrorists.

The role of Intelligence agencies have almost reduced to Police which we have seen quite a lot in the Cinemas of the Mid 80'S & 90's where they arrive much after the incident have took place.
The same old story we hear from the Intelligence agencies(In the case of Jaipur Blasts agencies say they have sent the possible terror attack 45 days back).It appears such statements have become more of a political gimmicks with the Intelligence agencies wanting to save its face. There is no doubt about the ability of the Intelligence. But when bureaucracy has its say in things(for cheap political mileage) pertaining to Security of the nation rather than allowing Competent people to take care of the situation,the situation is quite alarming .

The United States of America needed only one incident of terror in its land to show the world what they can do when it comes to taking tough stand especially against terror.They are inimical when it comes to terror and dealing with terrorists. Its high time we adopt similar approach in dealing with terrorists.

The government at the center is caught in cross-roads appeasing minorities at one hand and appeasing the Grand Old Man.. Ahem.. Ahem.. Karunanidhi and his coterie..

The myth goes like this.. Lord Yama has a sword hanging above his head to cut his throat incase he gives any wrong justice. The present day government has Communists and Karuna above its head incase it does any good thing :)

The government is got caught in eternal dialemma like that of Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra whether to take tough stand earning wrath of alliance partners or to appease them earning wrath of people . Perhaps some one like Lord Krishna is the need of the hour to give some food for thought and clarity of purpose. Some one like krishna is the need of the hour to take some tough stand.

Someone like Lal Krishna(Oops Did i get it right??) Advani.

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